How museums can create
more innovative, relevant
and transformational experiences

An inspiring and empowering book that will change the way you think about museum engagement


Reframe the museum

IMPACT! is a handbook for visionary museum practitioners who want to transform their institutions by creating more innovative, relevant and transformational experiences that their visitors will love.

Regain relevance

In recent years, museums have experienced a decline in both financial and political support. The great challenge they face today is how they regain their relevance and generate the income that will ensure their sustainability.

Embrace innovation

To deliver this kind of innovation practitioners need to look again at their museums, challenge the long-held assumptions that underpin their work, and think differently about the kind of experiences they create.

Five ways IMPACT! will
transform your museum

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Re-explore how museums create their authenticity and better understand how this can inform their approach to engagement


By updating and expanding your perspective on what learning is today you can focus less on knowledge transfer and more on delivering transformative experiences.


By exploring and balancing different approaches to relevance it will help you create new approaches that resonate with your visitors


By understanding how innovation works across product, audience, and organisational levels you’ll be better able to combine them to create new value.

New Tools

It’s not only new ways of thinking that are needed, new tools are also needed to create, test and scale new ideas about engagement.

Work smarter, deliver focused outcomes
and create deeper IMPACT!

IMPACT! is supported by easy-to-use downloadable tools that will help you...

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    Create a common language and improve team working

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    Develop an efficient process for product development

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    Create strategic alignment across your organisation

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    Generate innovative ideas quickly and assess their value

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    Improve the quality of learning outcomes

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    Create more innovative products and services

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    Create greater relevance across your portfolio

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Whether you’re an experienced museum practitioner or just taking the first steps in your career, IMPACT! will inspire and empower you to create new opportunities for innovation, growth and impact.

IMPACT! will be available in May 2018.

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